Coolants for Detroit™ Engines

The intent of this bulletin is to provide the requirements, directions, and information required to ensure cooling system protection for Detroit™ engines. These recommendations are general rules and reflect years of experience, technology research, and product development. Specific concerns not covered by this publication should be addressed to your local Detroit™ representative. The coolant used in Detroit™ engines must meet DFS 93K217 Specification with the following basic requirements:

  • Provide an adequate heat transfer medium.
  • Protect against cavitation damage to both cylinder liners and water pumps.
  • Provide a corrosion/erosion-resistant environment.
  • Prevent formation of scale or sludge deposits.
  • Be compatible with cooling system hose and seal materials.
  • Provide adequate freeze protection.

The rest of this section will describe the requirements for the proper usage of the water, antifreeze, and corrosion inhibitors. It will also describe the coolants and additives that are not recommended by Detroit™ and have been proven harmful to Detroit™ engines.

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