Transmission Fluid - Lists of Approved Products

Detroit® transmission fluid approved lists can be found directly on the DTNA Connect Lubricants / Fuels / Coolants website under "DT12 Oil Approved List". Link to DT12 List

There are two approved lists. The MB 235.16 list, which has the latest DT12 factory fill oil (75W-85) and the MB 235.11 list, which is the historical DT12 factory fill (75W-90) and is still used in service. These specifications are aligned with Mercedes-Benz Trucks Transmission specifications. When comparing the list of approved products between the MB Bevo site and DTNAConnect, you will notice the DTNAConnect lists is much shorter and only displays oils available for purchase markets where DTNA products are sold. If a customer needs to reference the global list of approved products, please visit the MB Bevo website for MB 235.16 or MB 235.11.

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