Australia and New Zealand- Transmission Fluid Drain Intervals

This section outlines transmission fluid drain intervals for Australia and New Zealand, model years 2017 and newer.

Australia and New Zealand - DT12 Transmission Fluid Intervals (MY 2017 and Newer)

Australia Application Decoder

Single Trailer, High Idle, City or Port Haul, Local Distribution

(< 100,000 kms/year)

B/Double or Single Trailer Line Haul

(> 100,000 kms/year)

Road Train Double

(> 100,000 kms/year)

Road Train or Multi Trailer Heavy

(> 100,000 kms/year)

Transmission Type

C Box

(DH, OH, OV)

C or D Box


D Box


Weight (kgs)


All Gross Combined Mass (GCM)

Between 42,500 and 63,500 kgs

(Between 94,000 and 140,000 lbs)

Between 63,500 and 68,500 kgs

(Between 140,000 and 151,000 lbs)

Between 68,500 and 90,000 kgs

(Between 151,000 and 198,000 lbs)

Greater than 90,000 kgs

(Greater than 198,000 lbs)

Drain Interval

Whichever comes first

150,000 kms

(3 years)

320,000 kms

(3 years)

300,000 kms

(3 years)

250,000 kms

(3 years)

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