US and Canada - Transmission Fluid Drain Intervals

This section outlines transmission fluid drain intervals for United States (US) and Canada, model years 2017 and newer.

US and Canada – DT12 - MY 2017 and Newer Transmission Fluid Intervals

Efficient Long Haul

Long Haul

Short Haul


Transmission Type C Box Only A, B Box A, B, C Box A, B, C, D Box

Line Haul

Less than 80K lbs.

Line Haul

80K to 140K lbs.

Line Haul

Greater than 140K lbs.


Pick Up and Delivery (Short Haul) or Transfer Refuse

Less than 140K lbs.

Heavy Haul Service and Other Severe Applications (See Descriptions)

Drain Intervals* & ***

400,000 miles or (5 years)***

300,000 miles (5 years)***

180,000 miles (3 years)***

Maintenance System* Up to 600,000 miles* Up to 400,000 miles* Up to 180,000 miles*

* Maintenance System will automatically adjust maintenance intervals depending on application (transmission type, cooler type, field conditions, driving style, etc.).

**Please see section “Application Bins and Descriptions” for application descriptions.

***Whichever comes first.

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