Guidance for Oil Drain Intervals

Detroit™ recognizes the desire by some fleets to maximize oil drain and filter change intervals beyond those listed in:

  • DD Platform Oil Intervals (Section 4)
  • Legacy Engine Oil Intervals (Section 5)

And while Detroit™ has no formal program to extend these intervals, it will assist fleets in an advisory capacity to minimize equipment risks. Before a fleet embarks on an extended oil drain interval program, Detroit™ recommends:

  • The fleet reviews its current maintenance program to ensure oil changes are performed properly and on time. A missed oil drain interval during an extended oil drain interval program will create a significant risk to the equipment.
  • The fleet reviews the severity of the operation. High idling intervals, high load factors, and chronic mechanical problems are not conducive to extending the oil drain intervals.
  • The fleet selects oil and filter suppliers who have the expertise and products to support the goals of such a program. They may include a field test results demonstration, formal program for extending oil and filter changes, and a warranty covering failure of their products in this service which results in a premature engine wear-out or failure.

Fleets are encouraged to review any drain extension program with Detroit™ before initiating the program. While Detroit™ will not provide approvals for these programs, they will provide feedback on the risk assessment.

Extending oil drain intervals will not void the Detroit™ product warranty. In the event of engine failure or premature wear-out when running extended oil and filter change intervals, Detroit™ will make a determination as to the extent, if any, that their workmanship and materials were responsible. If Detroit™ determines that the failure or early wear-out was related to workmanship or materials, warranty coverage of the repairs will apply. If the engine fails or wears out within the Detroit™ warranty period and Detroit™ determines it was the result of extending the oil drain intervals, any claim for reimbursement of expenses under the terms of the engine warranty will be denied.

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