Oil Drain Intervals Outside of Detroit Recommendations

Changing engine oil and filters at regular recommended intervals removes contaminants in the oil and filter and replenishes expendable oil performance additives. The extension of oil change intervals necessitates that an engine can tolerate increased levels of contaminants such as soot, dirt, oxidation, wear metals, fuel residues, and water. Extending oil filter change intervals requires that filters have sufficient increased capacity to continue collecting these contaminants at a sufficient rate to protect the engine. The engine oils must be formulated with additives capable of extended performance for wear, oxidation, dispersency, detergency, and filterability.

While the extension of oil drain intervals can provide owners and operators of diesel-powered equipment a cost savings in materials (oil and filters), maintenance-related downtime, and waste disposal, there can be a significant reduction of engine life to overhaul. Currently marketed engine oils and filters are not designed to operate at extended service intervals. These products meet performance requirements of standardized industry tests that are intended to predict actual engine operation under the conditions of standard service intervals.

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