Fuel and Lubricating Oil Filters

Filter performance and test specifications vary between manufacturers. These specifications are general in nature and do not reflect the actual performance of Detroit™ genuine filters. The user is also cautioned when comparing micron ratings between filter makes. Some filter manufacturers may publish results from tests in which the SAE J1858 test procedure was not used. It is also important to note that capacity and efficiency (micron) ratings should not be the only criteria on which to judge filter performance. Many other important factors, including media strength, resistance to impulse failures, and burst strength, often differ greatly between filter makes and should enter into the filter selection process.

Finer filtration will generally provide increased engine service life, but may require shorter filter change intervals. Detroit™ specifies filter performance based on the optimum combination of filter micron rating, filter capacity, and mechanical requirements (assembly integrity).

Biodiesel fuels also have an affect on filter life. .

Fuel Filter Requirements:

  • Engine fuel filters should be changed at recommended service intervals aligning with oil changes, or when the "Fuel Filter Service Lamp" activates on the dashboard.
  • For maximum life of fuel system components, it is not recommended to exceed 100,000 miles on engine fuel filters under any condition.
  • Currently the Detroit Frame Mounted Fuel Filter and the Davco 385, 482, 485 & 487 are the only compatible frame mounted fuel filters approved for use with GHG17 and Gen 5 DD13®/DD15®/DD16® engines.

Oil Filter Requirements:

  • Engine oil filters should be changed at recommended service intervals aligning with engine oil changes.
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