Warranty Implications

Using biodiesel blends does not automatically void Detroit Diesel's warranty. However, any failure, including after-treatment devices and fuel injection system failures, determined to be caused by fuels that fail to meet industry requirements documented in this publication will not be covered by Detroit Diesel warranty.

Biodiesel blends above those specified in the tables above, based on engine type and model year, create additional risk of poor fuel quality leading to potential component failures such as the failures listed in the Biodiesel Additional Cautions Section of this document. Use of biodiesel blends above those specified for each engine, based on its engine type and model year, may invalidate warranties.

Detroit Diesel is not responsible for any cost arising from a failure to properly perform required maintenance oil, lubricants, and coolants meeting Detroit Diesel-recommended specifications. Performance of required maintenance and use of proper oil, lubricants, and coolants are the responsibility of the owner. For full details, see the engine operator's guide for your engine.

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